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Mid Missouri turns to KOMU for news, weather and entertainment programming. KOMU 8 is committed to providing its advertising partners with products that deliver high levels of exposure and results.

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Research [has] found that online advertising's share in the media mix can have a significant increase in the effectiveness of an overall advertising campaign.

—Advertising Research Foundation, et al

Explore the wide range of advertising and partnership opportunities available on, from leaderboard, tile, and tower ads to pre-roll videos that promote you and your message. Let the KOMU 8 sales team and production department create a multi-platform campaign that can help your business reach a larger audience and reach that audience more often during the day.

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Mid-Missouri's CW is the most efficient way to reach young adults and young families with your advertising message. This is an excellent opportunity for local and national advertisers. The CW targets adults age 18 to 49 as well as people age 12 to 34. Millennials (the kids of the Baby Boomers), who are a bigger group in number than their parents, are the most commercially promising generation since the Boomers. No other broadcast network targets this market. Mid-Missouri's CW's target audience is still willing to try and buy new brands and services. Getting young adults as your customers gives your company a chance to create a customer for life.

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