Columbia business owners react to mask ordinance

Posted on 7 July 2020 at 7:42pm

COLUMBIA - It's official —masks will be required in Columbia starting Friday.

KOMU spoke to several different Columbia businesses about the ordinance that passed around midnight Tuesday.

Some business owners were happy about the ordinance, some were already enforcing masks and others are upset about the ordinance.

"I'm just fed up...with the whole ordeal," Edward Twenter, owner of Tiger Auto Trim and Upholstery, said.

Other owners believe the ordinance is a step toward reopening.

"I feel like for the first time since this happened i might be feeling comfortable opening my doors," Ruth LaHue, owner of My Secret Garden, said.

Twenter disagrees with the need for him to enforce customers wearing masks.

"I do not believe that I should be the one to enforce the ordinance," Twenter said. 

Lahue feels it gives her an opportunity to enforce masks.

"At least now I feel comfortable saying, 'Hey, it's a city ordinance,' not "Hey, we're snoops and we don't want you in here if you don't have a mask on.'" 

Regardless of opinion — Mayor Brian Treece said during the City Council Monday night it is best for Columbia.

"If we want to keep Columbia's economy open, let's wear a mask," he said.